Cupping Room (Palace Museum, Hong Kong)

Cupping Room
(Palace Museum, Hong Kong)

/ Hospitality Cupping Room – Palace Museum, Hong Kong The interior design concept is to serve both aesthetic and cultural purposes. The designer deftly blends elements of traditional Chinese architecture, ancient Chinese philosophy and culture with a distinct...
Wrise Wealth Management (Dubai/Hong Kong/Singapore)

Wrise Wealth Management
(Dubai/Hong Kong/Singapore)

/ Commercial Wrise Wealth Management – Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore The designer turned the office atmosphere with custom-designed signature pieces and space planning that established a lounge feeling which differs from the normal offices. With a deep...
1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge (Hong Kong)

1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge
(Hong Kong)

/ Hospitality 1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge – Hong Kong 1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge brings gastronomes an original collaboration between culinary arts and spectacular landscape inspirations. With this crucial cue as a guiding thread, the designer...
Fireside(Hong Kong)

(Hong Kong)

/ Hospitality Fireside – Hong Kong As the restaurant’s name suggests, the restaurant is set to pay homage to the most primal form of cooking which focuses on old-fashioned wood-fired cuisine. The dining offer is all about stripping back the modern culinary world...
Sushi Mamoru(Hong Kong)

Sushi Mamoru
(Hong Kong)

/ Hospitality Sushi Mamoru – Hong Kong The Japanese minimalism concept combines a sophisticated, neutral colour palette, hand-sourced Hinoki wood, custom geometric sushi bar, fine wood flooring and infusions from Japanese artisans. Related Projects Cupping Room...