The Tropical House(Hangzhou)

The Tropical House

/ Residential The Tropical House – Hangzhou To create a rich, well travelled look for the special client who came back from Santa Monica, vibrant colour scheme, hand-painted wall coverings, timber wall panels were used. Related Projects The Tropical...


/ Hospitality Oak – Hangzhou Located in Hangzhou, whisky bar The OAK’s motif is to pay homage to the art of whisky making. As its name reflects, the design narrative is derived from the raw and texture materials and set to celebrate a rustic authentic...
The Marquee(Hangzhou)

The Marquee

/ Hospitality The Marquee – Hangzhou To create a sense of privacy, we selects the different shades of grey marble stones to stack into wavy lines at the entrance and mimic the landscape painting impression. Stepping into the space, the marble waves spread...
The Lakeside 179(Hangzhou)

The Lakeside 179

/ Hospitality The Lakeside 179 – Hangzhou Responds to the surrounding environment and pays homage to the profound local culture. Enjoying the privileged location by the West Lake. Before entering the restaurant, a corridor with lattice wooden feature wall...